I grew up in a home of thousands of pictures.  Every event no matter how small was documented by my mother.  Due to this, I started taking pictures at an early age.  I would spend my allowance developing film roll after film roll at Walgreens and to this day still have shoeboxes of every photo I took as a child.  

I started getting interested in getting more serious about photography when I was in college. I had one nephew and my sister was pregnant with her second child. I decided I wanted to learn how to document my nephews lives with "better" photos. At that point in time I had no idea everything I had to learn.  I figured I would get a nice camera and I would be set. Professional camera = professional pictures.. right? Wrong.  I was so wrong and in for a long learning process. Since I bought my first camera (Canon 60D) I have taken countless classes. I have taken classes on lighting, editing, composition, posing, shooting, and so many others. I never thought I would love paying for education but I do! I love photography and the amount of knowledge I have gained that can allow me to capture people the way I envision it is invaluable to me.  

While taking classes and learning as much as possible in photography I got my bachelor's degree in Business Administration in Marketing at the University of Cincinnati.  In order to support my new found hobby I juggled three jobs, full-time schooling, and sleepless nights.


Fast forward a couple years and I am right where I am so excited to be.  I now have two nephews and a niece and am documenting every piece I can of it.  If you head over to my blog you will see tons of posts about them. I am also finally at a place where I can give others what I feel so blessed to have myself.  I get to capture other people's lives, loves, and precious moments in a way they can look back on years from now and get the same ooey gooey feelings I get when I look back at the photos I have taken for myself.  I cannot imagine anything else I would rather give someone. 



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Photograph of me and my amazing boyfriend courtesy of Hannah Elisabeth Photography.

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